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Czar Nikky's Wacky World

or What's Up With Nik These Days?

Czar Nikky
28 January 1980

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Okay, some entries end up locked (honest, it's not that many), so guess you'll have to add me as a friend. But I'm a nice guy (basically), so why not? LOL.
I'm a 20-something married guy with a family in Virginia. I previously worked in Washington, D.C.--which I still love!
I finished (hurray--confetti!) my college courses--studying my double of creative writing and history.
I'm still a huge fan of BSB (yeah and loads of other pop and non-pop performers, too--check my interests)--and write (and read) a ton of fanfic.
I'm madly in love with wife April april_diamond, who just happens to be a girl I 'met' online! How about that! Wow. Amazing, right? LOL.
I also really love 'meeting' people online and interacting with them!
I used to lived in Florida--and I love Florida and also love the Keys. I'm an ocean and beach boy! LOL. Give me that sunshine!
Family and friends (both on and off line!) are really, really important to me...
I've got terrific friends--and that includes a bunch of former girlfriends (many I met online--special shout out to Carrie czarina_carrie who gave me my online moniker, Czar Nikky).
Seriously, I have some awesome online friends--aside from girlfriends! Wonderful people. (Many are friends here at LJ.)
So consider adding me as a friend. I'm not that bad a guy...
I can paint an ocean with the written word
I can paint an ocean with the written word...
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