Yeah, yeah. I am soooo way bad about greeting new LJ friends! ROFL. I never, ever remember...

But shout out to newbie Kitura kituralb. I'm not sure where/how you found me, but welcome to my crazy world. LOL.

And if for some reason I never welcomed one of you guys here in the past, I'll just say a big welcome to everybody right now. Okay?

I really LOVE all my friends!


``Czar Nikky (back to... work!)

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happy ani stars

Happy Birthday Nick Carter!

It's Nick's 24th bday and I just feel very happy for him this year...

I guess it's a lot tied to the fact that he's got a girlfriend in his life--and that the two of them are everywhere having the time of their lives.

Nick's getting tons of waaaaay cool attention right now. And he and Paris just make a very cute couple.

Hey, I know tons of people don't like Paris. I've heard the junk they say. But you know what? I don't care. I'm waaaaay glad for Nick.

My experience is that there are no perfect people. We've all made mistakes and done things we're ashamed of doing. So I guess maybe Paris has made a few--but so has Nick. (And so have I and so have you--admit it now! LOL.) So what?

I just like thinking of him having a bday with Paris at his side. Very, very cool! At long last he has a girlfriend by his side. One who won't be scared off by what his fans say or do. Good deal.

(I think it's pretty sick of Willa to have actually publically called Paris a 'cunt' by the way. To let it be out there in black and white. I don't care if it was before or after Nick and Paris got together, either. It basically just sucks. Especially considering how she's always whined about the things people have said about her. I could turn around and call her something appropriately nasty here, but I won't. I figure what goes around comes around, Ms. Ford.)

On that note it's back to work. Later I'm gonna try and start re-working my PSP7 tutorials into PSP8 form. (Yes, Kev kevinr, Becky beckyo and Charlie charliemc, I'm gonna get to it! I'm working on it, I'm working on it. ROFL. Kev finally decided to get that community--psp8_fun--up and running. I can't even remember how many months ago he first created the thing! LOL.)

Oh! If you're a reader or writer of fanfic, be sure to go and read what my friend Kit alex_and_kit wrote at BBF in his Column this month about Feedback. (He and Ry ryan_beaches take turn writing there.) As usual, Kit's got some interesting and thought-provoking things to say! (Kev's site--Boy Band Fic is just so waaaay cool, by the way. There's great fic there, first off, but loads of other coooool junk, too. I love that site.)

Reminds me that one of these days I'm gonna finally start up my site! LOL. No, not work on the free one, but do my actual paid site. (Seeing as it's time to renew it soon. LOL.)

Hugs, friends! Hope all of you are doing well. Maybe later on I'll have time to go read here... (Sigh.) Yikes! I am soooo way behind on what's up online lately! My bad!!!

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My Super Hero Identity

Gacked from Becky! beckyo

Name: Red Lad
Secret Identity: Nik Marko
Special Power: Nuclear Blast
Transportation: Quantum Rocket
Weapon: Neutron Carbine
Costume: Carbonite Skin
Sidekick: Dirk Deadly
Nemesis: Cindy the Ugly
Tragic Flaw: Laziness
Favorite Food: Chow Mein

I'm such an idiot that I originally used my REAL name (ROFL), not realizing it would include it! (Of course, when I used my real last name--instead of my online last name--I got a different answer! Oh well...)

Do not even ask why I'm awake at six in the morning. At least I don't have to go to work today!!!

``Czar Nikky (also known as 'Red Lad'... LMAO...)
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Happy New Year!

Okay, so it's already January 2 and I missed the official day. Deal.

Did anybody watch "World Idol"? What did you guys think of the results?

The holidays were busy, busy, fun, fun, busy here! LOL. (Guess I should work on sharing a list of some of my fave gifts...)

I totally LOVE this new Yahoo list that Kevin kevinr created for everybody who is involved at the BOY BAND FIC webby! It's very, very cool. He just sent out this long post there that told us some of the main stuff that site visitors are interested in! (I guess it never occurred to me that Kev would have info about that that the rest of us don't get...)

It was pretty interesting to see a list of people that readers want fic about, for example. Or wallpapers people would like to have there! And topics that interest visitors. I guess that's kind of helpful to know when we're planning future projects...

I just love being part of that site. It's like a huge family or something. And Kev has it amazingly well organized. Even though I've had a paid site of my own for ages now (months and months, really), I don't even bother with it. LOL. (I use it to upload junk I'm sharing here at LJ.)

Well, I'm gonna do a list of Resolutions soon. (Right.) Anyway, I'll try to!

Hope all my friends had a terrific Holiday Season!

Belated Merry Christmas!

And again, Happy New Year!

``Czar Nikky

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Whacky Me...

I'm having waaaay too much fun in life. Truly. LOL.

Yeah, I'm working long, hard hours at work. But I'm glad to have the job and I feel as if I make a difference. That's a pretty good feeling. Some days it's just meetings and whatev and there's nothing to show for it. But even those days feel good lately. I just feel happy with where I am in life right now.

And I'm getting along better recently with the sibs. It's like for a long time my bro Andee and I had issues. But now we're on the same page a lot of the time. He's into a lot of different things now, but he's also able to admit he likes Nsync and the Backstreet Boys--and he went for a long time trying to deny he'd ever liked 'em. LOL. (I think that's a normal stage, so no biggie.)

The extra money I've been earning has been partly going for our help to our family friends. And I've partly been saving some for Christmas presents for the family--which they don't really know about. (It's interesting how when you're earning $$$ your parents don't really have a clue how much money you have. I mean, my Mom and Dad have been really grateful for whatever money I give them toward the house and for sending to our Florida friends. But they seem to think I'm not keeping enough for my own needs. ROFL. Right! I've got some good money put aside for Christmas...)

Yeah, I could soooo use a new winter coat, though. Mine has taken a beating and it's coooold here! (Florida, I wish I was back there! LOL.) But I'll live. The coat looks a little... beat up, so I try not to wear it when I'm going to be around people who'd take note. Appearance is a biggie for work a lot of the time. It's like me in suits all the freaking time. LOL. I used to hate wearing 'em. But what ya gonna do?

When I'm not working I've been having good times with the family and with friends. Yeah, we did get "Pirates of the Carribbean" on DVD (don't think I've mentioned it before), so it's fun to watch it with the fam. (And, yeah, I did finally go with several sibs to see it at the show, which I thought I'd never I'd get to do...)

One of our church groups went caroling at several nursing homes, so I did that. It was really pretty cool! They'd have cookies and punch and junk for us and we'd sing and then mingle. Lots of those people just seem so lonely. They'd talk and hug and I felt really good for being there.

It's interesting to me how good it makes me feel to do things like that. We're going to do the 'soup kitchen' thingy again this Christmas, though I don't know which day Mom's set that up for yet. It's great to help feed the homeless, cuz that's a big issue for me, personally. It seems so wrong for people in this country to have no place to live...

I'm loving my online times, too. Making wallpapers and junk. Lately I haven't made any icons (shocker!!!), but I'm sure I'll get back to it.

I did quit my blend communities, cuz I was getting much out of 'em anymore. I decided I'd rather use those skills to make wallpapers for Kev's webby and banners for fics. (I sucked there, anyway. I never even got more than a 'participation' award, ever. So whatev. LOL.)

I soooo loved making a fic banner for Ry's Fic (which soooo rocks). It's got it all--Nick Carter (hurray!), terrific character portrayals, hot sex and humor. (And the sex--with a dildo--is accurate for a change. LOL. I suppose being bi that Ry ryan_beaches would know his stuff!) My banner is about as outrageous as the fic, I guess, but it was soooo fun to make. LMAO.

Kev's webby has just got soooo many awesome changes. Very cooool. He treats his hosted authors (of which I'm very lucky to be one) so well, too. Loads of sites just host the work, period. You send 'em your fic (or they gack it from some post somewhere) and you feel glad your name is on it. ROFL.

But Kev treats us far more special than that. We're kinda like mini-celebs, or something. And I get waaaay awesome feedback as a result of being there. It's pretty cool.

Anyway, it's late and there's work tomorrow, so... (Good thing I had a nap earlier! LOL.)

Happy holidays, guys!

(Yeah, yeah, I'll try and get those untagged piccies posted here tomorrow for those interested! It's very cool having the Boys out there, again!)

``Czar Nikky

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More On Aaron and Jane Carter

Yikes! More on Aaron's split with Mom Jane...

Pop teen Aaron Carter blasts Mom

Teen pop star Aaron Carter is cutting off all relations with his mother, Jane, exposing an ugly family battle over money.

The 16-year-old singer, whose brother is Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, said yesterday:

"I feel betrayed by my mother. These problems started when she booted my dad. I worked hard for months, and I come home and owe money! And my mother only allowed my father to see a single show during my whole tour."

Aaron's father, Robert Carter, and mother have been his managers for 10 years, but the couple is now going through a bitter divorce.

Yesterday, Jane told us the claims that she mishandled her son's funds are "ridiculous." She claimed her husband, who, along with her, thought it was a good idea to put their children to work, has mistreated her for years. "I know what kind of a person my husband is," she told us, adding that she thinks Aaron chose to move to his father's Florida home recently because "his dad lets him party like crazy."

Jane said she filed for custody of Aaron and his twin sister, Angel, this week in a Florida family court. "I would love to talk to my son, but [Robert] is not allowing me," she said.

Jane's father, Douglas Spaulding, claimed that Robert "has "brainwashed [the children]."

"Jane wanted the world's happiest family, and was trying to hide the monster in the basement," Spaulding said. "He's down there sharpening knives."

Aaron's spokeswoman, Lizzie Grubman, told us, "Aaron is a 16-year-old teenager who does not party." She declined to comment on Jane's allegations against Robert.

Robert, reached through Aaron's agent, Phil Lobel, refused to comment.

This is all soooo not a surprise, by the way! LOL.

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Aaron Carter News--A Biggie

With many thanks to friend Marilyn mistressmarilyn for sending me this blurb in the middle of her busy day full of interviewing people...

Entertainment Tonight reports, that Aaron Carter has officially severed personal and professional ties with his mother, Jane Carter, claiming she caused him certain financial discrepancies. Jane, together with Aaron's father Robert, has co-managed her 16-year-old son's career for the past decade.

In an official statement from Aaron's publicist, the singer stated, "I feel betrayed by my own mother," adding, "All these problems started when she booted my dad. I worked hard for months and I come home and owe money!" Aaron has moved in full-time with his father and is currently seeking new representation.

Wow. Not unexpected, frankly. (What have we all speculated about Jane for the past couple years, after all?) And it immediately made me think of Dori's (dori_and_jay) fic, The Force of Words, where she had Nick breaking all ties with mother Jane. (Shout out, Dori!)

I'm dying to see what Nick will say about this situation!!!

By the way, isn't it waaaay cool that the Boys (BSB) were back together again to attend the Billboard Music Awards? Awesome!

the Boys at Billboard 2003!
[I'll put the larger version behind an lj-cut.]

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Gotta jet for now!


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Two Quotes For Today--On Being GRATEFUL

"Billy Bray, when he heard someone telling a long story of troubles endured and sorrowings suffered, exclaimed: 'I've had my trials and troubles. The Lord has given me both vinegar and honey, but He has given me the vinegar with a teaspoon and the honey with a ladle.'" -Robert G. Lee

"A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all other virtures." -Cicero

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And my good intentions to share positive quotes here? Not doing too well, am I? LOL.

Happy holiday season to all. After re-reading "The Seder" I am especially sending out warm wishes to each and every one of my Jewish friends.

``Czar Nikky
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