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Bad--and Good--News

Well, as everyone knows by now, the BAD news is that Kevin Richardson is leaving BSB. That. Sucks.

I don't know why, but I never ever expected that Kevin would be the first to leave. Or maybe I just figured none of the guys would ever leave. I mean, there are tons of rock groups that are still rolling along!

Anyway, I feel sorry for all of us who are Backstreet Boys fans--but especially for those who were really wrapped up in Kevin-specific fanfic and fandoms. Shit.

(So sorry, Becky beckyo! This so sucks for you, I know...)

Hey! I have no plan to be big about this. I'm disgusted and disappointed and feel pissed off. So there.

But in the Good News category, I've at least been inspired to write a Nick Carter angst fic that has him dealing with this (horrible) news! And I might even turn the ficlet into a series, who knows? (I'll share the link after my dandy beta has finished looking it over--and I've made the necessary corrections. LOL.)

(Hey! Maybe I'll even finish one or two (or more) of my zillions of unfinished series! Don't laugh--it could happen!)

More good news includes the fact that April april_diamond and I finally managed to 'activate' her "April's Diamonds" website. (Maybe activate isn't a good way to describe it, but I can't think of anything else right now.)

Way cool, huh?

She used to have this up as a free site in the past. (The distant past, I might add. And as she reminded me, she had it up twice--at two different places! Yikes!)

Some of you might remember it, because at that time she had more of her stuff up--including some pretty awesome brushes she made for PSP.

She needs to find those files so we can get all the stuff back up again! But we decided it was okay to go ahead and put up her index page, even if things aren't 100% ready. Maybe we can judge how soon we need to add the other stuff, based on the site tagboard--or the emails she gets. (Or just based on site hits.)

Anyway, I'm happy for her--as I know she put some serious time into the various pages back when she was really into having her own graphics site. But I'd like to see her do those tutorials for Paint Shop Pro 9. (And do you use PSPX, honey, or not?) Then she could also share them at Kev's communities, here at LJ--not just at the website.

So, she and I are also working on this cyber relationship project here at LJ. We started talking it over a ton around a week ago, then we just decided to give it a try and see what happened. LOL.

Maybe if we both get active here at LJ we'll even get paid accounts again. It could be fun!

It's late and we've got church in the morning, so I'd better jet.
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