October 25th, 2004

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"I'm Gettin' Married In The Morning"

Hey, like do you know that song? It's from "My Fair Lady."

"I'm gettin' married in the mornin'
Ding dong the bells are gonna chime..."

(And so on...)

Well, I'm actually getting married in December. (Go fig, huh? LOL.)

We got engaged in July and it's been a madhouse ever since. ROFL. Yikes!

I had no clue what's involved. Seriously.

Anyway, the good part is that I'm in love and she's in love and we're gonna get married and be together and all that jazz. So, that's very, very cool.

Oh! Yeah, it April april_diamond, who I originally 'met' online, believe it or not. (Playing at a list at Yahoo!, actually, but that's another long and boring story.)

We're waaaaay compatible and happy and stuff. We love doing the same things in RL and online. (For the most part.) It's coooool.

We've already had a lot of practice with the parenting thingy, cuz of having Prissy so much, so we're ready for that when it come along. LOL. No rush, but it's okay if it happens in the next couple years...

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Online Assholes

Yeah, we've all known 'em.

The list is probably long for some and shorter for others. Unfortunately, it's probably longer if you're more active online and in a number of different arenas...

Today's rant isn't about me or about April (thankfully). But it is about a really dear friend of mine--someone who shouldn't have to put up with a bunch of crap from thoughtless people who don't give a damn who they hurt.

I have to agree with my Mom on this one. She says a lot of it has to do with younger people who dislike interacting with people older than they are. I think that's true. But what's the problem?

Well, Mom says it's tied up in younger people automatically making assumptions about older people--and that's clearly true.

She also says it has to do with older people being identified in positions of authority and that also rings true to me.

I've personally never had any issues with boundaries based on age. I mean, people are people at every age! I've never thought it made sense to run somebody down based on age--any more than it makes sense to run somebody down based on race, creed, and so on...

But maybe I'm just lucky enough to have been around a lot of people who are older than I am--but who just rock big time! (Starting with both of my parents, by the way.)

It's interesting to me that the people I've personally had my major run-ins with online certainly aren't those who are over 40! Heck, the biggest problems I've faced were with people in their teens and 20's. (Let's talk about mid-twenties sometime, shall we? LOL. Seeing as I fall in that age group now, I hope I'm never as self-centered as so many other people I know between 20 and 30! Yikes. Big time yikes.)

The person who has been facing a bunch of shit online is somebody who is warm, funny, thoughtful, intelligent, logical... I could go on and on. Of course, she's quite logical--which is probably another reason some people can't deal with her. So many people work entirely from their (wrapped and selfish) emotions--and are unable to be reasonable or deal with those who are logic-based...

Hey, she's gone through the year (plus) from hell--and doesn't deserve this online crap! It makes me see red.

Me? I'll play online (or off) anytime with her. She's twice my age, but you'd never know it to meet her! She's as much fun--or more--than tons of my contemporaries. (Many of them are too busy trying to be 'important' or 'adult' or whatev to be fun! And she's already got her RL together as far as career and so on, so...)

If you happen to be reading this (which is doubtful), I hope you know how much I respect, admire and--yeah--love you. You're one of a kind, lady!

I don't curse much these days (LMAO), but I just have to say, "Fuck 'em" about the people who are being such creeps to you. Ignore them. They don't deserve the chance to play with you...

Hugs. (From April april_diamond, too. And always from Mom and Dad. LOL.) Hang in there.

That's it for now. More soon, hopefully!