May 25th, 2004

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Bad Cop? That's Me! ROFL!

Have I like said that I love online lately? Cuz I waaaay do! I really, really do!

I'm just in this totally whacky, grinn-y mood today. Partly cuz it's my turn to play 'bad cop' (you know: good cop, bad cop) over at our PSP communities... LMAO!

Well, maybe not really bad cop. Just not-so-good cop, I guess!

Every so often one of us gets fed up with the attitudes of a handful of people at the two communities. (Heck, if you count both LJ and GJ, then it's actually four communities--but who's counting? Right?)

Then one of us tries to step in and take care of stuff so that person can take a mini-vaca. No biggie, or anything! Just a way to keep all of us from 'burning out' on moderation.

Hey, in fact, I wish all my moderation junk was set up as cool as it is at psp7_beginners and psp8_fun, frankly! (And at psp7_beginners and psp8_fun over at GJ, too. Isn't this cool how I can link the GJ communities now? Rockin'!)

I guess the credit over all has to go to Kev kevinr. But he always says it's the team--that we've got such a good one! He's right, of course. LOL. (No false modesty here! LOL.)

Actually, I'm waaaay proud to be a mod at those communities. It's kind of an honor, seeing as they're such great communities--and so successful!

Kev still runs 'em exactly the way he wants--which is waaaay cool by me! I mean, when you create something and have a total concept in mind and then get just the right team to help you moderate, why shouldn't you do whatev it is you want? It's your show! ROFL.

I've felt bad at various Yahoo groups and blog communities over the years, but I now get it--it's not personal! And it isn't a democracy, either. The person who starts those things up OWNS 'em. And they've got a right to run 'em any way they want!

Which is now how I view my own communities/groups! LOL. It really is like being the 'czar' of our own little world...

Obviously we can't be successful without a good membership, too, though! So you kinda have to learn to be a good 'ruler.' For whatever reason it makes me think of playing Sid Meyer's 'Civilization'--LOL!

Gotta jet back to work! Hugs and all that jazz to all my friends...

``Czar Nikky
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