May 12th, 2004

happy ani stars

Busy. Very Busy!

Work is crazy. Crazy! What gives?

I still long for a teaching job. But I'm happy to be working! So many people aren't, after all.

I have no time to write anymore. That sucks. But life is basically good, so I'm not complaining. (Much, anyway. LOL.)

Home is crazy. The sibs are all wild things. Are to control. LOL. But Prissy prissy_m is my darling! She's soooo awesome.

Okay, so if you're my friend here at LJ and you haven't friended April april_diamond (my girl), I'll just ask you 'why haven't you?' (ROFL. Yeah, like you probably don't even realize she has an LJ, right? No excuses!)

Seriously, April used to keep a private LJ (she's opened many of her past entries, though, now)--so she's never made that many LJ friends. She's loads of fun (I think, anyway), so you might at least consider it...

She did some waaaaay cool artsy junk (blends) that she shared today in her journal. You can find 'em HERE if you're interested. In fact, she shared some cooool artsy junk in YESTERDAY'S entry, too.

(She's so waaaay artistic. Very cool! I love her icons, too. LOL. Yeah, yeah, I'm soooo biased! But her stuff is cool, even so!)

I haven't done a blend in forever. Yikes!

So I haven't written fic (or written, period--except for work), or done anything artistic. Yikes. Sigh. Man, I need to find some free time!

I need to go back to work is what I need to do! Break time is soooo over!

Hi, guys! Love you! Big, big hugs.

``Czar Nikky
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