February 1st, 2004


Nik's Bday...

Okay, so my bday...

It was pretty awesome! We were still 'celebrating' yesterday, by the way! LOL.

I've never mentioned before that I've got a new (another?) girlfriend. Her name is April and she totally, totally rocks! (Hi, baby, if you're reading this. LOL.)

I kinda waited 'til I'd had a long talk with Carrie czarina_carrie to tell her about April before I brought up April here.

So, yeah, Carrie is cool with April and April is cool with Carrie. At the current time I don't have to make a choice of which one I want in my 'forever future' (so to speak), so it's all good. LOL.

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm taking advantage of either of them, cuz I'd never, ever do that! (I've had some waaaay long talks with my Mom, my Dad and my minister at church about all this, too.) I'm just not at a place where I wanna plan my future and set things in stone--and neither are April or Carrie! So we're all free to date/see other people.

Which doesn't mean that I'm not crazy about April and crazy about Carrie! Cuz I am. I feel like I'm very fortunate to have a special relationship with each of these two very awesome women.

Anyway! LOL.

April got me such amazing gifts for my bday! My new Casio G-Shock watch that does the atomic clock thingy! It keeps 100% accurate time, in other words! Rocks, rocks, rocks.

Plus she got me a new jacket (brown ultrasuede) and some new warm-up pants (gray with a red stripe down the side--super comfy) and some shirts. (She loves to buy me clothes! LOL.)

It's hard to say where April is from, cuz she and her family have homes all over the place and travel a ton. But when I first met her (via online again!), she was in New York City. The waaaay cool thing is that it turns out she (well, her family) has a home in Georgetown--which is practically in my backyard (so to speak)! So when she's here (like now), I can see her all the time! Like after work and for lunch and on weekends and whenev. Awesome.

We have so much fun together. Yesterday she wanted to take me out to a restaurant for lunch/dinner (a meal, anyway). But I talked her into getting fast food and eating it in the car! LOL. (She's hardly ever really eaten fast food, believe it or not, so it's like this big adventure for her! ROFL. Cooool!)

Her bday comes up in a couple months, so we'll have to do something really cool. I'm trying to figure something out even now--to be prepared! (Why is it I know so many girls who have a bday in April, by the way? Mistress Marilyn, Deb and now April! LOL. Interesting!)

Carrie sent me "The DaVinci Code" (which I've been dying to read!), a gift certificate for a local bookstore (that I can also use online if I want) and this awesome fossil thingy of a dragonfly. Oh! And this cool big shell that's just all 'mother of pearl'-y inside! I'm using it to hold my rings and chains and junk on my dresser!

(By the way, I love petrified wood and fossils. Have I ever said that? And way cool agates and junk. I guess a lot of people do, though. LOL. Plus I have some awesome glass floats and cool shells, too. Beach boy me!)

April helped Mom 'organize' my bday party. They had it Friday night, so I was more like stunned than just surprised! LOL. (Neat trick not having it on my actual bday, which was Thursday!)

After the party we ended up spending the night at April's place in Georgetown. So nice.

Yeah, so I've just given myself away for why I've been 'less active' online lately, I guess! LMAO. April and I have been hanging out since December. And I don't think I've even told Kev or Joey about her before now... (See? Guys don't always blab all they know to each other!)

April and I kinda kept things pretty 'low key' at first. We went out with other people along and all that junk. But it's gotten... well... it's heated up (I guess) since the first of the year. More every day! She's just an angel and I love her.

And like I said, she's waaaay fun.

So Joey fatjoey talked me into moderating a new Writers Workshop list connected to his Law & Order/L&O: SVU list over at Yahoo!

I'm not a canon-dude about L&O or SVU, so hopefully we'll have others who can cover that! LOL. But I'm finally getting a chance to set up a workshop list the way it should be set up (in my humble opinion, anyway).

Funny, Kev, Joey and I were IMing yesterday and talking about how we now appreciate certain elements of the old Dreams list that we didn't necessarily recognize at the time. You do need to be friendly and do a bunch of OT junk. Not because the list needs to be a circle of pals, really--but more because if you're comfortable with one another it makes doing the feedbacking easier for everyone! (I'd tell Deb that, though, if we were still in touch... That she was--in a way, anyway--right about that!)

I imagine there will be junk there that could benefit even non-L&O/SVU writers, though! We've got some good concepts in place and are using a second list--just for the Mods--to iron out the details... Hopefully we'll be rolling with it soon!

(Can you believe I got talked into modding another list??? I must be nuts. LOL. And I just got all wrapped up in modding Kev's new psp8_fun community--on top of the old psp7_beginners one. Good thing we've got several mods at both of those, too!)

Okay, gotta jet! April's here and wants to go!


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