January 28th, 2004

happy ani stars

Happy Birthday Nick Carter!

It's Nick's 24th bday and I just feel very happy for him this year...

I guess it's a lot tied to the fact that he's got a girlfriend in his life--and that the two of them are everywhere having the time of their lives.

Nick's getting tons of waaaaay cool attention right now. And he and Paris just make a very cute couple.

Hey, I know tons of people don't like Paris. I've heard the junk they say. But you know what? I don't care. I'm waaaaay glad for Nick.

My experience is that there are no perfect people. We've all made mistakes and done things we're ashamed of doing. So I guess maybe Paris has made a few--but so has Nick. (And so have I and so have you--admit it now! LOL.) So what?

I just like thinking of him having a bday with Paris at his side. Very, very cool! At long last he has a girlfriend by his side. One who won't be scared off by what his fans say or do. Good deal.

(I think it's pretty sick of Willa to have actually publically called Paris a 'cunt' by the way. To let it be out there in black and white. I don't care if it was before or after Nick and Paris got together, either. It basically just sucks. Especially considering how she's always whined about the things people have said about her. I could turn around and call her something appropriately nasty here, but I won't. I figure what goes around comes around, Ms. Ford.)

On that note it's back to work. Later I'm gonna try and start re-working my PSP7 tutorials into PSP8 form. (Yes, Kev kevinr, Becky beckyo and Charlie charliemc, I'm gonna get to it! I'm working on it, I'm working on it. ROFL. Kev finally decided to get that community--psp8_fun--up and running. I can't even remember how many months ago he first created the thing! LOL.)

Oh! If you're a reader or writer of fanfic, be sure to go and read what my friend Kit alex_and_kit wrote at BBF in his Column this month about Feedback. (He and Ry ryan_beaches take turn writing there.) As usual, Kit's got some interesting and thought-provoking things to say! (Kev's site--Boy Band Fic is just so waaaay cool, by the way. There's great fic there, first off, but loads of other coooool junk, too. I love that site.)

Reminds me that one of these days I'm gonna finally start up my site! LOL. No, not work on the free one, but do my actual paid site. (Seeing as it's time to renew it soon. LOL.)

Hugs, friends! Hope all of you are doing well. Maybe later on I'll have time to go read here... (Sigh.) Yikes! I am soooo way behind on what's up online lately! My bad!!!

``Czar Nikky
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Yeah, yeah. I am soooo way bad about greeting new LJ friends! ROFL. I never, ever remember...

But shout out to newbie Kitura kituralb. I'm not sure where/how you found me, but welcome to my crazy world. LOL.

And if for some reason I never welcomed one of you guys here in the past, I'll just say a big welcome to everybody right now. Okay?

I really LOVE all my friends!


``Czar Nikky (back to... work!)

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