Fic--Slashy Piece...


Here's the link to my new fic "Over."

All the usual junk applies. If you don't like slash, don't read. If you don't like Real People fic, don't read. (And so on.) It's mature fic (as Kev always called it), but there's nothing objectionable there. (Yet? I might make it a series. LOL.)

Anyway, it seemed like a good way to deal with Kevin Richardson's decision to leave the Backstreet Boys!
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"I Need You Tonight" (song lyrics)

I Need You Tonight

Ohhh, yeah

Open up your heart to me
And say what's on your mind, oh yes
I know that we have been through so much pain
But I still need you in my life this time

And I need you tonight
I need you right now
I know deep within my heart
It doesn't matter if it's wrong or right
I really need you tonight

I figured out what to say to you (Mmmm)
Sometimes the words they
They come out so wrong, oh yes they do
And I know it's time that you will understand
That what we have is so right this time

And I need you tonight
I need you right now
I know deep within my heart
It doesn't matter if it's wrong or right

All those endless times
We tried to make it, last forever more
And baby I know

I need you (oh, oh, yeah)
I know deep within my heart
It doesn't matter if it's wrong or right
Really need you (ohh)

I need you tonight (I need you, oh I need you baby)
I need you right now (it's gotta be this, it's gotta be this)
I know deep within my heart (no it doesn't matter)
No, it doesn't matter if it's wrong or it's right
All I know is baby
I really need you tonight

Bad--and Good--News

Well, as everyone knows by now, the BAD news is that Kevin Richardson is leaving BSB. That. Sucks.

I don't know why, but I never ever expected that Kevin would be the first to leave. Or maybe I just figured none of the guys would ever leave. I mean, there are tons of rock groups that are still rolling along!

Anyway, I feel sorry for all of us who are Backstreet Boys fans--but especially for those who were really wrapped up in Kevin-specific fanfic and fandoms. Shit.

(So sorry, Becky beckyo! This so sucks for you, I know...)

Hey! I have no plan to be big about this. I'm disgusted and disappointed and feel pissed off. So there.

But in the Good News category, I've at least been inspired to write a Nick Carter angst fic that has him dealing with this (horrible) news! And I might even turn the ficlet into a series, who knows? (I'll share the link after my dandy beta has finished looking it over--and I've made the necessary corrections. LOL.)

(Hey! Maybe I'll even finish one or two (or more) of my zillions of unfinished series! Don't laugh--it could happen!)

More good news includes the fact that April april_diamond and I finally managed to 'activate' her "April's Diamonds" website. (Maybe activate isn't a good way to describe it, but I can't think of anything else right now.)

Way cool, huh?

She used to have this up as a free site in the past. (The distant past, I might add. And as she reminded me, she had it up twice--at two different places! Yikes!)

Some of you might remember it, because at that time she had more of her stuff up--including some pretty awesome brushes she made for PSP.

She needs to find those files so we can get all the stuff back up again! But we decided it was okay to go ahead and put up her index page, even if things aren't 100% ready. Maybe we can judge how soon we need to add the other stuff, based on the site tagboard--or the emails she gets. (Or just based on site hits.)

Anyway, I'm happy for her--as I know she put some serious time into the various pages back when she was really into having her own graphics site. But I'd like to see her do those tutorials for Paint Shop Pro 9. (And do you use PSPX, honey, or not?) Then she could also share them at Kev's communities, here at LJ--not just at the website.

So, she and I are also working on this cyber relationship project here at LJ. We started talking it over a ton around a week ago, then we just decided to give it a try and see what happened. LOL.

Maybe if we both get active here at LJ we'll even get paid accounts again. It could be fun!

It's late and we've got church in the morning, so I'd better jet.

Meme--Friends Icons

I did the LJ Friends Icons Meme. (It shows the userpics/icons of all my friends--plus links to each person/community. Rock on!)

Collapse )

Try out this Meme

Brought to you by BearPodcast.

(Yes, I modified the code to display the icons up and down. I hate scrolling right and figured others must, too. LOL.)

Anyway, that's kind of cool, huh? LOL.

(By the way, you guys know what bears and cubs are, right?)


Cleaning Up My LJ Friends List

Well, it hurt a little to do it, but I finally removed the following people from my LJ Friends:
1. charliesangel96
2. debrajoy
3. hermine
4. joeybearsmommy
5. kimothy
6. nosunshyne

In the case of 1, 2 and 6, you can see those journals were all deleted. (I'll post my feelings later regarding people who delete their LJs.) Obviously I miss Deb, as well as Charlie and Carol. But what can I do? When people no longer want to associate with you, it's time to let go and move on. (Duh, Nik! I mean, how long ago did Deb delete her journal, after all! And here I am, still keeping her crossed out LJ among my friends. Grow up already. LOL.)

In the case of 3 and 5, I was removed by both people, so I just removed in return. (Tit for tat? Or whatev.)

In the case of 4, Deb apparently unfriended everybody and made the entire journal 'friends only.' At least she didn't delete it! (This makes more sense to me than deleting the journal.) Anyway, no point in keeping it as a friend if I can't read anything, right?

So I've now finished the major clean-up of my LJ Friends. The only journals I've got now that haven't friended me back are fic journals (which don't friend), LJ-related journals or celeb journals (that only friend other celeb journals).

Most of my LJ friends are M.I.A. (missing in action) now, it appears. So if I end up getting active here again, I'll need to get in and get some more friends. We'll see how it goes!

In the meantime, I really want to catch up with everybody! Exciting idea.

I've missed my online friends a ton.


He's Baaaaaaaaaack!

Back again. LOL.

No, I don't know for how long. But I plan to at least try and update this once a week. What the heck, I should be able to manage that!

I've wanted to do this for a zillion years, it seems like. Well, for ages, anyway. But RL keeps me really busy now. Married life might not be crazy for some people, but it's been nuts for me! LOLOL.

If I do keep this up, I'll probably go paid again. If not, I'll just stay with a free journal. I'm a little freaked by so few icons. But I guess we get six now, which is double what it was.

To those of you who are still around and active, I'm happy to see you again! (Yeah, I do miss the old crowd, even all these years later. But I'm really happy with my current life, so there's no point in dwelling on it.)

Better run around and get back in the swing.


My WEBBY!!! (

Okay, so I started to post here on the first of the month. Nice job, Nik! LOL. Nah, I didn't quite finish it. But there were some extenuating circumstances, after all! I wrote it once and then lost the damned thing. So whatta ya expect? ROFL.

Anyway, that entry is below.

Meanwhile, I haven't done much to add to the webby anyway since then...

So check it out and let me know what you guys think, okay? Cool.

November 1, 2004

So basically I started a huge post at around 3:30 a.m. last night early this morning--and then I lost it! Yikes!!!

Sometimes I really hate LJ. Especially when I've written something for ages and it gets eaten. Yikes.

I'm going to try and reconstruct what I was saying, but I don't know if I'll remember all of it... LOL.

I've been spending a bunch of time (when I can find it) working on my webby. The paid version, that is--not the free one. In fact, I don't really even remember where the heck the free one is! LOL. It might be a GeoCities site, but I've forgotten. (And seeing as I never did do a damn thing with it, it's kind of like 'whatev.' LOL.)

As for my real webby, it's finally ready to be unveiled to my friends! Here's the addy:

Okay, personally I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Yeah, yeah, 'humble' me, as always. Whatev. I put some time and work into it and am not gonna act like it wasn't hard for me to reason it out, cuz it was! At one point I had it pretty messed up, in the early 'lay out' stages.

Here's the coooool part! (Hope you're reading this Kev. If not, I'll have to email you and have you read!!!) I didn't use a software to do it. I did it by writing out the code, which was pretty interesting. I'd never really done that before. (I think I used like Netscape Composer when I was doing the free webby, but I'm not sure. I can't recall right now.)

No, (Kev) I haven't tried to see it the pages are valid code or any of that junk. First of all, I haven't had time to do that! LOL. My focus has been to get everything working, first! (Actually, that's partly a lie. I validate the HTML and CSS for just the index/Home page. It's cool that it validates just great! LOL.)

So, I've got my fic up. (Most of it, anyway.) Including my latest Alexander the Great one-of-one and my current LotR vampire fic (that FJ talked me into). Yeah, I'm still in touch with FJ fatjoey. In fact, he even betaed for me! Cool, huh? (Thanks, FJ, if you're reading this!)

I've used good old Blogger to set up an updates/news page--and to have a 'rants' page. (Which is basically a place for me to say whatev is on my mind. And as you guys know, I love to go on and on about that junk! ROFL.)

Then I added (a free search engine). It was fascinating to set it up to 'match' my site. And to set up 'excludes' (which just means telling it what not to search! LOL.

For that matter, it was interesting setting up 'templates' (code templates, as opposed to fic templates) for my two blogger pages. I just wanted everything to basically match the overall design. It turned out pretty nice, I think. (Yeah, yeah. My ego is waaaay out there. Like you didn't know that already? LMAO.)

If you want me to link your webby--and you're willing to link me back--just let me know! I'm probably gonna add a totally separate page for any additional links--beyond what I've currently got. I was kinda stupid and didn't realize I might want more than are there right now... (Typical.)

Here's the crappy part of the site! Right now if I change my navigation, then I have to edit every single page of the site. Yikes. Yeah, that sucks big time. I've already changed the navigation a couple of times, so I know it can be a bear to do it...

So, Evamaria shirasade, yesterday when I went to 'Slashy BSB Goodness,' I discovered my link for it was wrong! And that's after I've linked it on every page of my site. ROFL. (Yeah, like I said above, the navigation requires rewriting pages...) So I'm thinking I'll leave it. It's not like people can't follow the link and find it... (You'll see I've linked you twice. That's because I had no clue which site you'd want linked more or whatev. So I figured, 'what the heck' and did both. LOL.) Are you cool with that?

Okay, so obviously I'd love to have my friends with webbys (webbies?) link me. I promise to link you back, of course! Grab one of my coooool little banners (seriously, they're nice and small) and add me up--okay?

Well, that's it for now.

``Czar Nikky (Nik)
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Online Assholes

Yeah, we've all known 'em.

The list is probably long for some and shorter for others. Unfortunately, it's probably longer if you're more active online and in a number of different arenas...

Today's rant isn't about me or about April (thankfully). But it is about a really dear friend of mine--someone who shouldn't have to put up with a bunch of crap from thoughtless people who don't give a damn who they hurt.

I have to agree with my Mom on this one. She says a lot of it has to do with younger people who dislike interacting with people older than they are. I think that's true. But what's the problem?

Well, Mom says it's tied up in younger people automatically making assumptions about older people--and that's clearly true.

She also says it has to do with older people being identified in positions of authority and that also rings true to me.

I've personally never had any issues with boundaries based on age. I mean, people are people at every age! I've never thought it made sense to run somebody down based on age--any more than it makes sense to run somebody down based on race, creed, and so on...

But maybe I'm just lucky enough to have been around a lot of people who are older than I am--but who just rock big time! (Starting with both of my parents, by the way.)

It's interesting to me that the people I've personally had my major run-ins with online certainly aren't those who are over 40! Heck, the biggest problems I've faced were with people in their teens and 20's. (Let's talk about mid-twenties sometime, shall we? LOL. Seeing as I fall in that age group now, I hope I'm never as self-centered as so many other people I know between 20 and 30! Yikes. Big time yikes.)

The person who has been facing a bunch of shit online is somebody who is warm, funny, thoughtful, intelligent, logical... I could go on and on. Of course, she's quite logical--which is probably another reason some people can't deal with her. So many people work entirely from their (wrapped and selfish) emotions--and are unable to be reasonable or deal with those who are logic-based...

Hey, she's gone through the year (plus) from hell--and doesn't deserve this online crap! It makes me see red.

Me? I'll play online (or off) anytime with her. She's twice my age, but you'd never know it to meet her! She's as much fun--or more--than tons of my contemporaries. (Many of them are too busy trying to be 'important' or 'adult' or whatev to be fun! And she's already got her RL together as far as career and so on, so...)

If you happen to be reading this (which is doubtful), I hope you know how much I respect, admire and--yeah--love you. You're one of a kind, lady!

I don't curse much these days (LMAO), but I just have to say, "Fuck 'em" about the people who are being such creeps to you. Ignore them. They don't deserve the chance to play with you...

Hugs. (From April april_diamond, too. And always from Mom and Dad. LOL.) Hang in there.

That's it for now. More soon, hopefully!
happy ani stars

"I'm Gettin' Married In The Morning"

Hey, like do you know that song? It's from "My Fair Lady."

"I'm gettin' married in the mornin'
Ding dong the bells are gonna chime..."

(And so on...)

Well, I'm actually getting married in December. (Go fig, huh? LOL.)

We got engaged in July and it's been a madhouse ever since. ROFL. Yikes!

I had no clue what's involved. Seriously.

Anyway, the good part is that I'm in love and she's in love and we're gonna get married and be together and all that jazz. So, that's very, very cool.

Oh! Yeah, it April april_diamond, who I originally 'met' online, believe it or not. (Playing at a list at Yahoo!, actually, but that's another long and boring story.)

We're waaaaay compatible and happy and stuff. We love doing the same things in RL and online. (For the most part.) It's coooool.

We've already had a lot of practice with the parenting thingy, cuz of having Prissy so much, so we're ready for that when it come along. LOL. No rush, but it's okay if it happens in the next couple years...

``Czar Nikky (Nik)

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